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DATE: 20.09.2008
LOCATION: Vilka Area (Thessaloniki, GR)
TEXT: Yavor Yordanov  PHOTOS: Marina Zheleva


The second biggest stage was Reworks Air Club where the intriguing visualizations of the Germans Pfanfinderei captured the audience just as much as the live acts. The first day brought another interesting performance, once again delivered by local talents – two friends who call themselves Lovegoose and skillfully blend deep funky house with energetic live percussions. In fact, the whole evening was dedicated to house music with typical acts like Jazzanova and the NYC legend Joe Clausell playing. On the next day, DJ T. and one half of M.A.N.D.Y. – Fillip, represented Get Physical Music. Add to this classic line-up Argenis Brito and you can be sure that those, expecting a combination of techno and minimal (all in all, this proved to be the most successful “friendship” throughout the festival stages), were satisfied.

Undoubtedly, the best act for the night belonged to Wighnomy Brothers – a very friendly and energetic duo, who went through their extensive record collection frenetically, combining deep tech and minimal with warm jazzy and funky notes. Vinyl is alive and kicking, based not only on the expression the Brothers left in us after their wonderful set. It is present in the numerous small music shops scattered around Thessaloniki. It’s a place where people still cherish the 12inches.

The third stage was dedicated to more experimental sounds but still received plenty of the crowds’ attention. This artist spot was open only on Saturday, which added to its exclusiveness, and it quickly became the favorite venue for a good number of festival goers. A notable appearance there was definitely the one of Darrel Fitton a.k.a. Bola and his successful mix of ambient and techno.

Last, and unfortunately least when it comes to the attendance, was Reworks Atrium. Maybe because it was the only scene completely open to the elements, or maybe because of the pronounced difference between the music played here and elsewhere during the festival, the colorful combination of jazz, ethno, dub, funk, soul, raga and lots of other things failed to attract its fair share of listeners. Personally, I think it’s a shame because there was a lot to be heard, despite the cold weather.

On the first night at the Atrium, the brilliant DJ and producer Nostalgia 77 sent us all on a summer trip with his vibrant mix of jazz, latino and funk. And that was a small music miracle, considering the outside temperature, which was anything but summery. The next day saw Gaz Cobain from Future Sound of London, who also played some nice chill tracks, creating a perfect mellow atmosphere with his well-crafted set. However, a lot of people were eager to hear what Daddy G from Massive Attack has to offer in his set and their expectations weren’t met because he couldn’t make it to the festival due to family reasons as we were told.

As a whole, we should praise the organization of Reworks 2008 and send some recommendations in mind – it might be a good idea to offer a simple information spot, especially for those of us who were not familiar with the surroundings, and because the changes that occurred in the schedule confused a lot of people. A bigger venue for next year’s edition is a must since the festival has been growing in numbers and diversity, and the need for space should be adequately met.

It might not be such a unique idea to combine contemporary art and music in a festival, but nevertheless, it is a successful and entertaining one for the organizers of NON. The people behind Reworks have managed to create an atmosphere of their own and a devoted local and international audience. Still, this is a young festival that is yet to develop into something wonderful and interesting and CE will be quite happy to check out its progress next year.

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20.09.2008  (CE)