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DATE: 19.09.2008
LOCATION: Vilka Area (Thessaloniki, GR)
TEXT: Yavor Yordanov  PHOTOS: Marina Zheleva


As the last days of summer 2008 were coming to an end, it was time for fans of electronic music from South-East Europe and the rest of the world to gather in Thessaloniki. The reason was the 4th edition of Reworks Festival for music and contemporary art.

It would be impossible to discuss the event itself without first mentioning a couple of things concerning its location. Having been a major commercial and cultural centre in the region for centuries, Thessaloniki is a city with rich history that is clearly visible even today. However, its citizens live definitely in the present and it’s obvious, considering the numerous cozy little bars and clubs that line the coast and crowd the downtown area. It’s almost as if they all participate in an ongoing music-and-design contest and each attracts with quirky details and unique atmosphere. The outcome is left for you to decide upon your visit to the city but be prepared to come back several times before you feel you know everything Thessaloniki has to offer. My three days were definitely not enough.

Now back to Reworks. This time around NON, who organize the event, decided to situate the festival inside the historical complex Vilka – a favorite entertaining spot of the locals. A wide range of clubs, bars, restaurants and art spaces offered various choices to have a good time. The area of the complex was divided into 4 stages, representing different styles and artists. The Vilka art gallery hosted the “Digital Romance” exhibition, which was a collection from 80 world-wide artists, who interpreted the term “romance” with the help of modern technology, mostly through video installations. The festival also offered a chill-out zone and a market where one could find lots of music, clothes and DJ gadgets.

For my own trip, I decided to plan the whole experience not according to days, as I usually do, but to stages as they were very neatly defined and conceptually separated by the organizers. The biggest one was Reworks Club, which was actually the famous Decadence club that saw some of the most renowned festival guests. Apart from the biggest space, it also had the most powerful atmosphere and it seemed like the crowd was feeling at home. Still, it proved not big enough for all those eager to hear Oliver Huntemann and Oxia performances. At times, one started wondering whether a bigger venue should be found for next year’s edition.

The first “day” of the festival presented to us Valentino Kanzyani and Marco Bailey as headliners and our expectations for heavier sound were fully met. Only one word describes the music of Bailey and the local favorite Axel Karakasis – techno, pure and timeless techno music. The next evening was dedicated to Mobilee label and two of its Greek members – Gummihz and And.id, as well as the German duo Pan Pot. The peak time though was during And.id’s great live performance, especially with Andreas’ favorite trumpet. My feeling is that we are yet to hear more and more from the talented Greek producer.

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19.09.2008  (CE)