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DATE: 09.08.2008
LOCATION: Enigma Beach, Mamaia (RO)
EVENT: John Digweed, Ricardo Vilallobos,...
TEXT: Dosio Dosev  PHOTOS: Dosio


Three months ago, we went to check the growing Sunwaves festival in Mamaia resort. On August 9, our CE crew headed back to the Romanian Black Sea coast for the 4th and last for year 2008 edition of the event. It took place on Enigma beach, which is where summer club Kristal is located. Once again the organizers – Sunrise & Kristal Glam, have done fantastic job and marked their spot on Europe’s festivals map.

Sunwaves runs twice a year – in the beginning of May, during the festive days, and in the beginning of August, when everyone are on the beach, dancing under the stars. In Sunwaves case, we were all dancing under the 4 big tents that were build on Enigma beach, representing 4 different stages, each one of them headlined by a guest DJ. Sunwaves 4 gathered more than 10 000 people and set high the levels of competition with Creamfields festival, which took its first Romanian edition just a week before SW4 on the same location.

Once we entered, we immediately went to the Transitions stage, where the line-up included John Digweed and Mistress Barbara. The night before SW4, we listened to John playing live on Cacao Beach, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. He did an incredible set, highly above everyone’s expectations. That’s way didn’t pay much attention to his performance in Romania because we have already heard his best. Having said that, CE advises you to listen to John live at least once each year to set your electronic music clock like we did. Twice!

From all the tents, Break me stage was the smallest one. It gave shelter to General Midi, Freestylers and all their following. Everything ended up early for the breakbeat connoisseurs and the amount of people inside the tent wasn’t enough to welcome the sunshine in the morning. Some of our team members have their hearts set to this kind of music but they didn’t manage to enjoy the fast and broken beats. Maybe because we were a little bit tired and didn’t sleep much after the party in Bulgaria. In fact, if we’d found a good place to rest on the beach, we would immediately fall asleep. That is just an assumption, of course.

Next stop on our little tour on the Enigma beach was Kristal Summer Club. The place we saw this night had nothing to do with the club we did a couple of afterhours in back in May. Kristal Summer was completely reinvented, designed all in white, leaving the impression you are on Sensation Black & White in Amsterdam. We caught the last hour of Bill Patrick, a CE favorite, who was playing very good minimal music, of course, warming up for Danny Tenaglia (weird?), who we decided to skip for Ricardo Vilallobos.

Last but not least was the major tent for us – Back to future stage, headlined by DJ Sneak and Ricardo himself. A couple of thoughts on DJ Sneak’s performance… There is no sign of Chicago’s house sound that he has been known with for the past years. His set was straight and fast 4 x 4 techno, which we didn’t like at all. But during Sneak’s performance, we were able to visit the other stages. Fair enough.

Ricardo Vilallobos was the main DJ we all have been waiting for. Just before his opening, he sat down behind the stage, opened his case and carefully selected the music that he was about to present to us. Like a musician who rehearses before the big concert. Then he stood up, surrounded by friends, both in front of the DJ booth and behind it, and pressed the magic button – play! What we can say for certain is that there is no Romanian clubber, who hasn’t heard Ricardo live at least once. They just adore this guy and that’s why he is very welcomed regularly at the Sunrise events.

The first couple of beats washed our tiredness away and the catchy vocals put on all of our faces big smiles. Like the yellow one. True to his origins, Ricardo dropped some Latin American elements in his performance, which were enough for our graphic designer, who speaks Spanish and is familiar with the culture of the Latin Americans. Despite his fellow colleague Luciano, Ricardo didn’t bother us with too much these vocals and endless tracks with long time missing kick drums. It was all dozed perfectly to build the set that we expected from Vilallobos. Hands in the air!

We watched the sunrise again and had to go back to the Bulgarian-Romanian border where we left our cars. Why? Long story... Next time we will definitely stay for the afterhours! And like one of us said, our hearts goes with Sunrise. See you next year on the beach.

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09.08.2008  (CE)