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DATE: 12.07.2008
LOCATION: complex Hanul Piratilor (Mamaia, RO)
EVENT: Fatboy Slim, Timo Maas,...
TEXT: Yavor Yordanov  PHOTOS: Specta


While some of our CE team went to one of the most established European festivals – EXIT, others decided to dance on their weekend in Mamaia, where the great Fatboy Slim was playing.

The event was part of the summer gift that the Romanian organizers from The Mission gave to their fans – The Mission Dance Weekend ’08. In the space of two days, everyone that attended this festival, were able to enjoy the live appearances by Trentemoller and his band, Roger Sanchez, Fatboy Slim and Timo Maas. Combining the superstar DJ line-up with the best of the local Romanian scene, The Mission guaranteed to their public a party experience that they will remember for a long time.

The chosen location for The Mission Dance Weekend ’08 was complex Hanul Piratilor in Mamaia, which has a long strip of beach land, wide enough to gather all clubbers. Unfortunately, we missed the first day of the festival but we are sure that the atmosphere was terrific. We arrived for the second night (Saturday, July 12) which saw Fatboy Slim and Timo Maas playing on the stage.

The beginning was given at 6PM with the sun still above the horizon. Considering the hot summer day, most of the people, coming for The Mission Dance Weekend ’08 , were still on the beach, having a good time in the water. Warming up the beach crowd (or should we say cooling it down) were the 2 Crazy Bastards - Adrian Eftimie and Rosario Internullo. They opened up with more progressive house oriented sounds, which suited perfectly to the atmosphere on the beach. After 3 hours behind the decks, Adrian and Rosario gave the Romanian DJ Optick the opportunity to prepare the gathering crowd for what was coming. He played a tight set of minimal music, mixing it with fresh vocals from time to time.

Some time later, the stage suddenly went dark and a large clock appeared on the screens, reminding us that in less than a minute Fatboy Slim will overtake the DJ booth. All the madness began just after Norman Cook stood in front of his fans. Sometimes it’s hard to define whether a DJ performs a set or a live show. In our case we are more into the second guess. The following 2 hours of Fatboy Slim’s appearance passed by in a blink of an eye with him dancing all around and basically doing his thing. We could actually felt the close relationship this legendary DJ has with his fans.

You could barely find an artist that mixes altogether what Fatboy Slim does - hip-hop, alternative rock, electro, techno, rave and reggae in a combination with all of his greatest hits; music that has turned him into a superstar that does not only play regular DJ sets but enjoys the party together with his fans. A couple of kisses and huge applauds to each of the clubbers that became a part of Fatboy Slim’s show on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

At the end it seemed like some of the people on the beach got a bit over-Fatboy-Slim-dosed, so they didn’t wait to hear Timo Maas performing. Nevertheless, he did what he can best, playing good quality dance music, and expressed his thanks to everybody that stayed until the very end of his DJ set.

At 4 o’clock in the morning most of the clubbers were already gone, each one of them keeping a good memory of what was a great night with great atmosphere, music, organization, DJs, everything. So did we.

by Elena @ 17 Jul 2008, 19:49
fat Boy was sooo last season even in 2005. I cant imagine him now... I dont understand all these people that worship him... Come on, his sets are ALWAYS the same, same ol' tracks, complete pachanga...
hope u enjoyed the trip tho'
by Karina @ 18 Jul 2008, 10:03
Dear Elena, I'm afraid u don't understand anything. Fatboy Slim is not a DJ that will "shock" u with his techique or unreleased tracks to play. He plays various genres and if you go to check him out u must be there with your friends, grab a beer, have fun, laugh and enjoy ur time. He's an experience cause he is a show man and the set has tracks that u know. Plus he doesnt play the same tracks, he's just doing shows for some months, cause in case u didn't saw, the visuals are specially done for each one. So its pretty hard to play everytime a different set. Well in any case, I enjoyed soooo much Fatboy Slim's gig and that was maybe cause both me and my friends knew what to expect. And know what? I would go back right now to enjoy a set of his :)
by Catalin @ 04 Mar 2009, 17:47
Fatboy Slim is the best dj ever . And the tracks are not old becouse he keep it alive and make us feel great. LONG LIVE FAT and I can't wait to see him again to ROMANIA :D .


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12.07.2008  (CE)