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DATE: 14.07.2007
LOCATION: Yalta club (Sofia, BG)
EVENT: Eric Prydz
TEXT: Peter Kashev  PHOTOS: Peter


Eric Prydz used to be the name I connected with the smash hit single "Call On Me" – a track that I honestly hated. This single however did make the Swedish producer superstar on the world-wide dance scene although he created "Call On Me" just for fun and to share it with his friends.

Three years after the success the "Godfather of the Swedish house mafia" arrived in Bulgaria for a first time to play at the last party in Yalta club before the summer vacation. Eric Prydz was invited in Sofia by the new promoting agency Elevate Entertainment which already had organized two successful parties with guest DJs Shapeshifters and Sean Miller.

I have been following Eric Prydz's career as a producer since his massive single "Knockout" under the name Cirez D. His 2007's Essential Mix for Pete Tong proved me once again that "Call On Me" was only the commercial side of things and that there is something else to be revealed. Something that I expected to see live in Yalta club on Saturday night…

I will skip the traditional part before the party like the warm up that we had in my friend's apartment, drinking whiskey and talking, listening to some latest live mixes by Eric Prydz. I will also skip the part with our notably cool taxi driver who droves us to the mentioned before party. He was listening in his car to another friend of mine’s latest promo mix which was really good from what I heard. Later on we saw "our driver" in Yalta dancing and having fun (LOL).

We entered Yalta club somewhere after midnight. The weather in Sofia was a little bit cool after the extremely hot weeks we had in the mid June. The summer garden in front of the club was open and there were people dancing with a drink in their hands, talking and having fun while Juan Alvarez was still warming up the crowd. I didn’t notice the exact time when Eric Prydz stood behind the decks. I also missed the exact time he finished playing and the reason was that from the first minute of his set to the last pieces of beats Eric was directing us only to the music and nothing else mattered. We heard all of his famous underground hits under the name Pryda like the huge club anthem "Armed" which basically drove everybody crazy. I felt that Eric played lots of unreleased own productions too because the whole set sounded to me like Prydz. His style couldn’t be mistaken.

I’m not going to say that Eric Prydz is now one of the world's most in demand underground spinners and producer. I will also skip the fact that all of his labels are proving to be the most successful and forward thinking imprints currently existing. I will only say that Eric Prydz was the king of the Saturday night in Yalta and that this event was among the best parties ever happened in the club.

by VaLi @ 25 Jul 2007, 20:19
hey that's the best dj
by summit @ 30 Oct 2007, 07:49
hello this is great I like eric from that songs proper educaton !


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14.07.2007  (CE)