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DATE: 16.12.2006 LOCATION: Party Center 4KM (Sofia, BG) GUEST: Jody Wisternoff, Omid 16B, Tom...
Dark and moody music comes to mind when you hear the word Bristol. The British town, where bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead were born, has given a lot of talented musicians to the world. Back in the early nineties when the word which described best the Bristol sound was “trip-hop”, in the gloomy town in South-West England, a world-reknowned progressive house and remix act, was conceived. This act, named Way Out West later becoming a live band... read more
TEXT: Irina Nikolova PHOTOS: Georgi | comments ( 0 ) | to enter the gallery, click here
DATE: 01.12.2006 LOCATION: Winter Sport Palace (Sofia, BG) GUEST: Timo Maas, Pet Duo
It’s the first cold Friday night of December 2006 and it’s time for Viva Sound Factory. Tonight the Factory is Maassive because the one and only Timo Maas is in town. After paying a long anticipated visit to Yalta club in 2005, now the German DJ and producer has been brought to the Bulgarian audience by the biggest and maybe the most respected booking collective in Bulgaria Metropolis. The night in the main room of the Winter Sports Palace starts with sets from Jassen Petrov... read more
TEXT: Irina Nikolova PHOTOS: Dosio Dosev | comments ( 0 ) | to enter the gallery, click here
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