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John B with an amazing show
One of the biggest stars of the drum’n’bass scene, the unique John B is going to blow up the city of Sofia with an incredible party at Black Box on May 5.

DJ Dsey from Estonia is a special guest of the party. She is one of the best drum’n’bass female DJs in the world. Apart from being a DJ she’s also a renowned top model and has been recently shot for the front cover of FHM magazine.

John B is a classically trained musician, he starts playing the piano at the age of six and continues later with learning how to drum. He realizes soon that computers, synths and samples give him the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of musical styles. After having released material on labels such as Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware, John sets up his own label "Beta Recordings" in 1999 and starts producing his music with a rich sound, a mixture of freestyle jazz trumpet, magic liquid vocals, contrasting with hard live breakbeats and heavy bass, incorporating elements of jazz and funk, electro and techno as well as tech darkside tunes. John B always plays the newest tracks, mixing drum’n’bass with Marilyn Manson and New Order and lets electro-clashers and drum’n’bass lovers dance all night long.

The latest John B album "Electrostep" (2006) is diverse, easy listening, interesting, exciting and challenging. John’s seventh album to date is fresh and raw, a collection of clever robotic vocals, a wide range of musical genres and innovations in terms of production. Although there’s a little bit of mainstream sound, he’s still keeping things underground. You can hear electro, indie-rock and 80’s synthpop influences everywhere on the album.

As quests on the album appear the 80s superstar Howard Jones in 'For You See Me', porn star Marcy Meow in “Tainted Love” and “Metro”. Other collaborations include Floridian Bands Fashionista & Iowatest, Soma-signed My Robot Friend and UK’s One Life Left as well as LA Electro-TrannySex-Masters Dirty Sanchez.

The party will last from 22 pm until 7 am. Tickets 15 lv.
by Élena @ 02 May 2007, 16:37
it's not electro after all :)) I'm not goin'
by Jolly @ 05 May 2007, 00:47
Electrostep maybe! :) btw. I like his wild hair!
by Elena @ 05 May 2007, 18:07
I like the haircut also. When r u goin' to get the same?


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