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Steve Lawler & Simon Baker
This weekend Yalta club is proud to present one of the pioneers on the house music scene, the English producer and DJ Steve Lawler. He’s one of the "old players", known for discovering the so called "twisted" style. For Steve everything starts with listening to pirate radio stations. At that time Steve is a huge fan of Depeche Mode, but the music that really encouraged him to start DJing and producing is acid house. He starts DJing at the age of 17 when he organizes his own underground parties in Birmingham, under the city’s highway between 1990 and 1994. Those parties later turn into major events. Unfortunately the police in Birmingham soon becomes aware of those parties and bans them. In the meantime his engagements in Ibiza start to become more frequent.

In 1995 he is already resident at Café Mambo on the island and this is the turning point in his career. He starts playing at clubs such as Pacha and Cream.

With his ability to make people dance Lawler soon manages to win a huge fan base.
In 2002 Steve releases his own conception of party nights and calls it "Harlem Nights". Turned later on into cult club nights they still exist today under the name "Viva Harlem Nights". Last summer Steve has also been proposed to present the brand Viva in Pacha Ibiza. He’s also called "King of Space" because of his exclusive performances at club Space in Ibiza.

Apart from being a talented DJ, Steve Lawler is also a world renown producer. He has series of successful hit singles like "Rise In" (2000), "Andante" (2002), "Lost" (2003) , "Out at Night" (2004). One of this year’s anthems is the track "That Sound" also produced by him.

His breakthrough as a producer comes when he’s been offered by Hollywood to remix the title song for the movie "Skeleton Key". Later on come remixes such as Dido’s "Sand in your shoes" (Number 1 in Billboard Dance Chart), "Back to Basics" – second Shapeshifters single, "Reach for me" by Funky Greendogs` and Jamelia ‘s "Beware of the dog".

Quite recently Steve Lawler started touring with a supporting DJ. His name is Simon Baker and he will show up at Yalta club as well in order to support the headliner Lawler. This means that people will have the chance to see two foreign guest DJs instead of one on April 27.
by Peter @ 25 Apr 2007, 15:07
After the big success of Steve's live gig at Yalta club in 2005, I hope the second one won't be a disappointment.


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