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Lavelle brings UNKLE to Bulgaria
There is no doubt that James Lavelle is one of the biggest names in the music scene over the last decade. He started DJing at the age of 14, by the age of 19 he already set up his own label Mo’Wax that in the next years turned into one of the coolest labels on the planet.

Today, the once called from the Global Underground crew “eccentric Englishman” divides his time taking into consideration his always heavy DJ schedule, the work on his band UNKLE and his brand new label Surrender All that combines many different directions like music, art, clothing and design.

Lavelle played an important role in the success of people such as Tim Goldsworthy (who is now part of the NYC electro punk producers collective DFA), Futura 2000 (a NYC graffiti artist), 3D from Massive Attack as an artist and Trevor Jackson.

In the 90s James Lavelle became very popular through his own label Mo’Wax that he launched with a loan of 1000 pounds he took from his boss at Honest Jons Records where he worked at that time. Soon after its birth, Mo’Wax became home of artists and innovative producers such as DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Andrea Parker, Air, LA Funk Mob, Attica Blues and of course James’ own band UNKLE. Over the years Lavelle worked with artists such as Futura 2000 on UNKLE sleeves and toys, 3D from Massive Attack who also collaborated on a video called Eye For An Eye, animated by the talented Shynola collective, designed clothes and shoes for labels like Bathing Ape in Japan and Nike (Dunkles).
UNKLE started as a collaboration between James Lavelle, Tim Goldsworthy and Kudo from Major Force. After the release of a couple of singles Tim left for New York and along came DJ Shadow with whom Lavelle recorded the first UNKLE album Psyence Fiction. As guests on the album Lavelle invited Thom Yorke, Mike D, Badly Drawn Boy and Richard Ashcroft.

Trimmed down to a duo of Lavelle and singer/producer Richard File, UNKLE collaborated with South on the soundtrack to a stylish gangster movie Sexy Beast directed by Jonathan Glazer (responsible for UNKLE’s “Rabbit in Your Headlights” video). In 2002 they released ‘Never, Never Land’, an album which brought an electronic dimension to the sound. Ian Brown sang ‘Reign’. ‘In A State’, with remixes from DJ legend Sasha. There were contributions from Jarvis Cocker, Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, and Massive Attack’s 3D.

In the meantime James builds a career as a DJ doing highly successful mixes for Fabric where he’s been a resident for 5 years and Global Underground with mixes inspired by parties in Barcelona and Bucharest (GU23 and GU 26).

Currently UNKLE are preparing the release of their third long player "War Stories" due to be released in the summer. Recorded in the Californian desert with Queens of the Stone Age producer Chris Goss, it features Ian Astbury and Josh Homme. "If the first record is UNKLE does hip hop, and the second record is UNKLE does electronic," says Lavelle, "then this record is UNKLE does rock."
by irina @ 22 Apr 2007, 13:01
Well, nothing happened the way it had to but it's always like that when it comes to Mr. Lavelle. Amazing night at Plazma and very straight, conceptual and well built set with an idea behind every track at Yalta last night. New UNKLE album is going to be out at the end of June and the guys from UNKLE promise to tour it live from the first time in the band's history. Best of luck to them!
by jasab @ 23 Apr 2007, 10:13
It was a great weekend! Thanks God, it happened :-)
by Elena @ 24 Apr 2007, 12:22
We made it happen :) I enjoyed Yalta in a company of 12, this is more than a football team :)


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