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Body Language 13 by Azari & III
Azari & III make their Get Physical debut by compiling and mixing the latest edition of the highly regarded series - Body Language. Volume 13 features 2 mixes, one from Dinamo Azari and the other from Alixander III. Together the two produce a techno-driven soundscape that shows a different side of Azari & III and a fresh sound on Get Physical Music.

Hailing from Toronto, Azari & III have been plugging away independently for many years – it was in 2008 that they came together and officially formed the act we know today. One year later their first single, "Hungry For The Power" struck a chord with dance patrons everywhere. They would follow up with "Reckless (With Your Love)" to confirm the hype, drawing even more attention to their unique sound and throwing the Canadian band under the spotlight and into the international tour circuit where they would set the stage for their debut album "Azari & III".


Mix #1 by Dinamo Azari

01. Intro
02. Shed - 44A (Hard Wax Forever)
03. Locked Groove - Lost
04. Locussolus - Berghain (Darkroom Mix)
05. Streetwalker - The Nymph
06. Barnt - Geffen
07. Daphni - Light
08. Acid Jesus - Radium
09. Tommy Four Seven - Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix)
10. Dinamo Azari - AZTest 2 (Connection Lost dub)
11. Perspects - They Keep Dancing
12. Moiré - Drugs
13. Samo DJ - Leggo
14. Dinamo Azari - Demo v.4 (Signal Bypass)
15. Outro

Mix #2 by Alixander III

16. Acid Junkies - Weird-O-Eight
17. Jahiliyya Fields - White Cabbage
18. Blood Diamond - Phone Sex feat. Grimes
19. Origami Suicide - Sweet Blasphemies
20. Teste - The Wipe (5am Synaptic Mix)
21. Electric Mistress - Manhattan Ave
22. Alixander III - In A Vacuum
23. Planetary Assault Systems - Sucktion
24. Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat
25. Plastikman - Plasticine
26. Azari & III - Change Of Heart
27. Scuba - Underbelly
28. Alixander III & Hugues St. Amour - 3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report
29. Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat

You can buy Body Language Vol. 13 on Get Physical Music's website.
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