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Global House DJs
This Friday (20.04) PR Club (Sofia) invites you on a journey with one of the popular German Dj timemachines. His artistic name is Timewriter and he will lead your soul through the magic of the sound. Jean F. Cochois is one of the top insider persons within Germany's House scene.

His trademark style can be characterised by his dense and atmospheric sound which is based on sophisticated musicality and thoughtful profundity that goes far beyond dancefloors and mere entertainment. Take UK Muzik magazine's judgement as a good measure: This is real 21st century soul music, overflowing with magic. Under various pseudonyms, the best known of which is The Timewriter, he has been releasing 12inches and artist albums on such renowned labels as Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls, Elektrolux and American labels such as Driftwood, Fiji and Wave Music. As remixer he was much requested by the likes of Mike Oldfield, Faithless, Yello, Boy George, Frankie Knuckles and Rammstein.

The many facets of his artistic personality are highlighted by his striking ability of amalgamating the deep Soul of Motown with synthetic sound productions. During the years spent at his music boarding school, he eagerly explored the field of composition and became familiar with the most diverse music styles. He admired bands like Kraftwerk, Gary Numan and Depeche Mode but Motown artists like Marvin Gaye have always been among his heroes until the present day. As other important sources of inspiration he mentions Marillion that fascinate him with their slight tendency towards melancholy and calming seriousness.

As a producer he creates albums that are far from loosing their magic and appeal over the years. On the contrary, they should become an integral part of the CD selection and be rediscovered again and again. Jean F. Cochois refrains from merely stringing together song after song but always has an overall concept in mind. Intros, interludes, lyrics and artwork are as important to him as emotions and the avoidance or deliberate use of cliches. His core idea is to communicate with his audience. His last album as The Timewriter provides us with two great examples of his caring style. The booklet of Diary Of A Lonely Sailor (Plastic City 2002) features a series of his own photographs each assigned to single tracks. And, in the album outro he thanks for lending an ear before seeing off his fans and listeners in Barry White style. On his last JFC album Electronic Love (Elektrolux 2003) he processes all his music experiences of the 1980s and for the first time makes an appearance as singer and songwriter.

Since the beginning of the year Jean F. Cochois releases under his real name and has once more underlined his top position by remixing Morgan Page (All I Know, released on the legendary label Bedrock) and Pascal FEOS (Self Reflexion) both featured on his upcoming compilation Deep Train 3. Currently he dedicates his creativity to a remix for Ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flur's I Was A Robot - for him as hardcore fan this is a great honour. And he has already produced some songs for his much anticipated album which will see him taking a few surprising moves once again.
Apart from being a producer he travels the world as a DJ with gigs in New York, London (in clubs like The Fabric and The End), Canada, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary and Russia (in Moscow, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk) and the German scene is also increasingly thrilled by his special sound. From July 2004 he holds a monthly residency in Sven Vath's Cocoon Club. Although he is more of a studio man, he loves to DJ. He compares the situation of an artist who produces tracks without DJing to not having a bite into a delicious apple after years of committed gardening and laboriously growing the tree.
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