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Prommer & Barck—Alex And The Grizzly
Alex Barck, founder and member of Jazzanova and SonarKollektiv, has teamed up with his longtime friend the producer and musician Christian Prommer, member of Voom:Voom, Trueby Trio, Fauna Flash, who also produced DJ Hell’s album “Teufelswerk” for which he was nominated for the German “Echo” award. They were reunited by their passion for music, their hobby that became their lives and later their mission: good music for the world to hear. Their new project Prommer & Barck sees them return to the live stage and has spawned the delectable album Alex And The Grizzly.

The songs on Alex & The Grizzly are inspired by their lifelong and concentrated quest for finer music and obsessions with the enthralling tiny details of deep tunes that bury deep under the skin and touch your soul. Alex & The Grizzly feels like a homogeneous, modern-sounding and timeless album, but with its own informed perspective, which the duo like to call: “Earthboogie Dance” or “Deep Kraut Music”. Made over a period of less than 20 days, this may be proof the professionalism and clear artistic vision of these two masterminds.

This is one of the most inspiring albums i've heard in a long time. It mixes an old skool sensibility with a futuristic approach to music. In short - I just love it from start to finish. —Peter Kruder

The best news of the year! Alexander Barck can sing! His new project with Christian Prommer is an intoxicating journey. Lovely, luscious and soulful! —Gilles Peterson


01. Pictures Of The Sea
02. Submarine Bells
03. Lovin
04. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
05. Everything
06. Gladys Knight
07. Soweto Symphony
08. Journey
09. The Barking Grizzle (Detroit /Berlin)
10. Sleeping Beauty
11. Faces From The Past

Prommer & Barck’s Alex And The Grizzly will be released on April 14th, 2011 on Derwin Records, DE.
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