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Balance 017 mixed by Timo Maas
Timo Maas is an artist who will succeed at whatever he puts his hand to, and his next move is always highly anticipated. Behind the decks, he packs one of the hardest punches around, pulling you inside his hypnotic world and creating sets that live, breath and thump as one cohesive, gargantuan entity. Only a DJ and producer as innovative, technically brilliant and downright loveable could be worthy of an undertaking as prestigious and lauded as the mixing of a Balance compilation. Fittingly, this is Maas’ first official compilation for 9 years.

The format of the Balance mix series was always quite appealing to me; to spread myself out over 2 CDs without essentially having to "rock" a crowd from the beginning is a very good thing. I was able to also include deeper, downbeat, "earlier set" material, that I personally like to listen to, but am not essentially playing out on a normal club night. For me "the trip" is quite important to create, with a mix of brand new, even exclusive material, but also tracks that rock my world at the moment and most essentially have rocked my world for many years (the so called "classics")” said Timo Maas about the Balance 017.



01. Timo Maas - Morning Beauty
02. Timo Maas - A Day After George
03. Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us (Original Mix)
04. Dana Bergquist & Peder G - Acapulco (Sasse Remix)
05. Solvent - Loss For Words (Vector Lovers Remix)
06. Random House Project - The One For Ever (Toby Tobias Dub Mix)
07. Phattivan - Man From Ternopil
08. Deetron - Sing
09. Mathias Kaden – Kawaba (DJ Koze's Kosi-San Remix) W/ DJ Koze - Blume Der Nacht
10. Henrik Schwarz & Kuniyuki - Once Again (Kuniyuki Version)
11. Giorgio Roma - Across The East Side * W/ Timo Maas - Spacemooger Experience
12. Alex Flitsch meets Mutant Clan - Imanah (Patrick Chardronnet Deep Mix)
13. Mathias Schaffhäuser - The 1st Thing
14. Danny Tenaglia - Elements (The Dtour)
15. Santè & Adam Port - Solano
16. The Crystal Ark - The City Never Sleeps (Instrumental)
17. Florian Hollerith - Fluxus
18. Carl Craig - At Les
19. William Orbit, Elgar - Nimrod (Timo Maas & Santos Remix)


01. Timo Maas - Latenza
02. Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin – Luna (Mutant Clan Laser Gun Remix)
03. Kenny Larkin - Glob (Kenny Larkin Mix)
04. Alex Niggemann - Take Control (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
05. Alex Dolby & Santos - To Be Large
06. The Mole - Nervous Disid
07. Mutant Clan - Totally Wet (Santè & Adam Port Remix)
08. We Fell To Earth - Lights Out (Timo Maas Remix)
09. Timo Maas - Kick 1 Kick 3
10. Mutant Clan - Arcadia
11. Santè & Adam Port - Faire Des Siennes (Mutant Clan Caraibic Remix)
12. Santos - Matinèe
13. Rockets & Ponies - Chinese Massage (Alex Dolby: Porno Dolby Remix)
14. Timo Maas - Clouds
15. Lost Veteranos - It's Wronger
16. Emmanuel Top - Somewhere
17. Hardfloor - Acperience 1
18. Placebo - Ashtray Heart (Timo Maas Unreleased Remix)

Balance 017 mixed by Timo Maas is releasing today October 18th, 2010 on Balance Music, AU.
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