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Smoke The Monster Out with Damian Lazarus
Smoke The Monster Out is the brave, brilliant and very personal debut album from Damian Lazarus, brought to you by Get Physical. Londoner Lazarus, now based in L.A., is best known for founding the Crosstown Rebels label and helping shape the sound of contemporary techno in his twin roles as taste-making A&R and globally renowned DJ.

It would have been easy, or at least expected, for Lazarus to make a strictly instrumental, dancefloor-oriented album, perhaps enlisting the help of "celebrity" vocalists to flesh it out – but Smoke The Monster Out is a far more ambitious and considered project than that. First up, it really is an album, a rangy and cleverly paced narrative inspired chiefly by the dancefloor’s play of darkness and light, but also classic love songs and emotive, gut-wrenching pop music old and new.

Everything about Smoke The Monster Out feels idiosyncratic, direct and carefully thought-out: both the artwork (by Santiago Chaumont) and the title (which references Alice in Wonderland) evoke Lazarus’s interest in the loss and the return of innocence, the imagery of fairytale fables, and the battle to control and satisfy the emotions without losing sight of humour. Lazarus has a vision, and isn’t afraid to realize it.


01. Smoke The Monster Out
02. Moment
03. Memory Box
04. King Of Fools
05. Come And Play
06. Diamond In The Dark
07. Cold Lizards
08. Neverending
09. Lullabies
10. Spinnin’
11. Bloop Bleep
12. It’s Raining Today
13. After Rave Delight

Damian Lazarus’s 'Smoke The Monster Out' will be released on May 4th, 2009 on Get Physical.
by artfan @ 05 Apr 2009, 05:36
I'm looking forward to listen to it. I've heard the first single and i loved it.
The artwork is simply brilliant!
by Zoe Katz @ 05 Apr 2009, 05:47
I am eager to buy the album. Love the artwork.


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