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Watergate 03: Konrad Black
The Watergate Mix series goes into the next round. Konrad Black is a founding member of the Wagon Repair Label and part of the Richie Hawtin’s M_nus family. For Watergate he delivers a mix containing influential classic material as well as new unreleased productions by himself with collaborators such as Martin Buttrich. His signature sound, a dark vision of techno shines throughout the entire project and reflects his self-perception as a DJ. Over the last years his sound has found a home in Berlin’s Watergate Club where you can catch him play on a regular basis…

His relocation to Berlin has also given him the opportunity to express himself more regularly as a DJ, resulting in a fast expanding reputation for sending crowds into a frenzy wherever the call of duty takes him. Konrad knows it’s about living and breathing the music, it’s not just a question of turning up, spinning a few tunes and then disappearing back into the night, it’s about getting to know the people, understanding what makes the club tick and always delivering a night of memorable tracks and seamless transgressions.


01. Alex Cortex - Nachttarif - Source Records
02. D. Diggler - Silicone - raum...musik
03. Raudive - Cone (Edit) - Macro Recordings
04. Loco Dice - Breakfast At Nina's (Onur Özer Mix) - Desolat
05. Konrad Black & Martin Buttrich - Siamese Connection
06. Matthew Dear & Seth Troxler - Hurt - Ghostly International
07. Stephan G - Shass - Svek
08. Queen Atom - Enemy Of Time (Cesare vs. Disorder On Time Edit) - Dumb-Unit
09. Louderbach - Shine (Thrill Cosby’s Broken Door Mix Vox. Dilo) - M_nus
10. Ben Klock - Sub Zero - Ostgut Ton
11. Discogs - Real Love EQ (Italy Version) - Wagon Repair
12. Paul Ritch - Evil Laff (Konrad Black Remix) - Wagon Repair
13. Mathew Jonson - Walking On The Hands That Follow Me - Wagon Repair

Konrad Black’s Watergate Mix will be released on May 18th, 2009 on Watergate.
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