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Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Two
Nine years have passed since the first release untitled "1st Album" from the remarkable duo Miss Kittin (Caroline Hervé) & The Hacker (Michel Amato).

This spring they return with a second album simply called "Two”. Individually, as writers, artists, DJs and producers they are a force to be reckoned with. Together again as a duo, they are unrivalled. Both artists were involved in their successful solo projects for the past few years but now they’re back together with a bang. The new material is melodic, more elegant, more mature and more club-based than their previous release. The music possesses a sexy androgyny, glistening and pulsating. The songs are sometimes narrative, sometimes confessional, direct and alternatively clouded in mystery.
From the intergalactic sounds of the intro song “The Womb” to the clubby and catchy “1000 Dreams”, from the harsh and raw aesthetics of “Indulgence” to the lovely duet of the two artists in "Suspicious Minds", which happens to be an Elvis Presley’s cover, the whole album immerses the listener into the wonderland of the club world. Then, the soft, melodic closing track "1000 Dreams (Reprise)" comes as no surprise and seems the perfect tune for the after-hour.

Miss Kittin and The Hacker hit the road in 2009 and will be appearing live across Europe from April onwards, hitting the USA in September and then onto Asia and Australia.


01. The Womb 5:45
02. 1000 Dreams 5:25
03. PPPO 6:29
04. Party In My Head 6:38
05. Indulgence 4:08
06. Emotional Interlude 5:31
07. Suspicious Minds 5:58
08. Electronic City 4:45
09. Inutile Eternite 5:26
10. Ray Ban 4:36
11. 1000 Dreams (Reprise) 3:02

"Two" will be released 20 April on Miss Kittin's Nobody's Bizzness.

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