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Tes La Rock in Belgrade
Svetlana Industries presents the second installment of Pitate FM, the new club night celebrating urban dance music and the glories of the rave. Taking its inspiration from the pirate radio stations that operate in huge cities across the world and the fresh new music they play. This is the way many new urban styles first appear, directly from small bedroom studios to the airwaves, and twice a month in X-Lagoom Pitate FM will be bringing these sounds to Belgrade, often for the first time. Expect some of the biggest new names in new rave, dubstep, bassline, hip hop, drum’n’bass and more.

This Friday, October 3rd, 2008, Pitate FM starts the season with dubstep terrorist Tess La Rock plus international line-up from Bulgaria, Finland and Romania.

Tes La Rock may be Finland’s biggest export and best known for his dancefloor-rocking, genre-crossing, ringtone-favorite radio hit Round The World Girls, Tes is one of those producers who seems to work for a hard-nosed dubstep crowd just as well as he works for the fashionistas.

Long one of the pioneers of Helsinki’s underground culture, recently Tes’s star has started to go supernova, with gigs across the world and the kind of hypeless word of mouth reputation that’s only achieved by producing amazingly good tunes. Now championed by the BBC, Tes La Rock’s inimitable sound – deeply rooted in dub, roots, broken beat and techno – is moving feet worldwide.

Backing up Tes La Rock across two rooms with more than 6 hours of music are more international artists:

First up, Skiller is a truly amazing beatboxer from Bulgaria; Jamez Bongg is a superlative scratch DJ from Bulgaria too; Romania’s Sensorship plays breakbeat with a twist; Serbian-resident Englishman Abdul Tom brings his “jumpstep” set of fast slamming tunes from dubstep, new rave, bassline house and grime – expect Wiley and Alex Metric among lesser known tunes. Holding down the second room are local dubstep warrior Boylah, Neutrino & Rebel B and DJ Oki.

Be there!
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