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Sofia Poetics Festival 2008
It’s an often case when music and words create a whole new universe, ready to be explored. If you are up for such a trip, meet Sofia Poetics Festival. This is one of the very few events in Sofia to be named "festival for modern poetry". It is a unique performance of local and international artists, who represents the variety of all arts – think poetry, music (rock, alternative, drum & bass, techno, trip-hop, ambient, jazz), visual showcases, dance art, experimental theatre, etc.

In the space of a week from Sunday, September 21 to Saturday, September 27, you will hear 32 poets, 15 bands, artists and DJs, a few actors and dancers, as well as a French writer and director with very good sense of humor and a couple of awards in his pocket.

The music program of Sofia Poetics Festival 2008 features performances by Simon Bell (UK), David "Ned" Addrison (UK), Shikha Bell (UK), Simeon Tenev (UK/BG), Daren Zlatareff (UK) and local support from Ambient Anarchist, Animacioneri, Free Will Society, Lepra DeLux, KiNK, Mind Trips, MO. , monophonique, Nasekomix, Ostava, porno_BPM, Roni & Misho Yosifov, Sigareta, Uikeda and Jassen Petrov.

On Saturday, September 27, Party Center 4KM in Sofia will host In One: Big Return party, presented by Music & Lights, which is an open collective of musical and visual artists, who have been putting on benefit events in London since 2004. The full line-up of the event is available here.

More information about Sofia Poetics Festival 2008 is available on the event’s MySpace page.
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