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Fabric 35 – Mixed by Ewan Pearson
The famous Fabric mixed series adds to its catalogue the 35th edition, mixed by the highly inventive Ewan Pearson. With minimal being the prevailing theme of the techno world, the musical equivalent of writing a word over and over until it has lost all meaning, it’s refreshing to stumble upon someone as Ewan Pearson. His sound is anything but soulless or uninspired. And his ever-changing, avant-garde productions seem to always surprise even the most jaded of ears: “I think I move around style-wise,” says Pearson. “I’ve got quite diverse tastes. I suppose, because of the remixes I was doing 5 years ago, I’ve been lumped into the electro scene, but what interests me is finding exciting new records.” Then he adds: “What I don’t like is hearing hours of the same sort of thing. At the moment, I love techno but I don’t just play sort of minimal clicky stuff. What bores me when everyone is doing the same thing. I just find the stuff that moves me and try and make it work.”

About his Fabric 35, Ewan Pearson explains: “I always try to have some more musical stuff in there. It ranges through quite a few styles, but it’s a no-nonsense dancefloor mix, more down and dirty.”

Fabric 35 mixed by Ewan Pearson is out on Fabric Records in July 16th, 2007. It’s already known that the next edition of the series will be compiled by Ricardo Vilallobos.


01. Jahcoozi - Ali McBills (Robert Johnson 6am X-Ray Italo Rework)
02. MarcAshken - Nimrod (Marc Houle Is A Nimrod Remix)
03. Gui.tar - Push In The Bush
04. Snax - Honeymoon’s Over (Konrad Black Mix)
05. Jens Zimmermann - Tranquillite
06. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
07. Lee Burridge and Dan F - Treat ‘em Mean, Keep ‘em Keen (Exercise One Mix 2)
08. 100 Hz - Trustlove
09. Samim - Paspd ft. Big Bully
10. Laven & MSO - Looking For God
11. Simon Baker - Plastik
12. Samuel L Session ft. Paris The Black Fu - Can You Relate
13. Johannes Heil - All For One (Tobi Neumann’s Swinging Remix)
14. Kaos - Panopeeps (Origin)
15. Beanfield – Tides - C’s Movement #1 (Carl Craig Remix)
16. Aril Brikha - Berghain – Kompakt

Release Date: fabric first members: 03/07/07 uk/r.o.w. retail: 16/07/07

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