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date: 29.03.2013
location: Yalta club
event: Elevate x Keinemusik
text/questions: Peter Kashev

CE: Hi &ME. Firstly, thank you for doing an interview for us. Would you tell us how did you choose your DJ alias? It’s interesting and we are curious to know.

&ME: I think it’s probably the worst name to choose in the days of web 2.0. Kind of impossible to find me cause the “&” is always forbidden. I’ve seen this letter combination about 7 years ago on a huge illustration of a city. It was written on one of the shop windows and I thought it will be the greatest idea off all times to take it as a DJ name.

CE: Do you approach making music the same way as you chose your DJ alias? In other words, do you intentionally try to stand out as an artist in today’s electronic music scene?

&ME: I don’t want to do just another tech-house track. I’ve always loved hypnotic grooves and ultra long build-ups to create a darker atmosphere. Most of the time it all ends in a huge drop. Kind of an afterhour sound for the prime time.

CE: You used to work with DJ T and DJ Hell in the past. Which are the musicians or DJs that have inspired you to make and play music today?

&ME: I am lucky to be in a group with Adam Port, Rampa and David Mayer. We’re always having chats about music and talking about the productions we are working on. So that can be very inspiring. I am not trying to look at other DJs too much because I am trying to create my own style of selecting and playing music but for now I am a big fan of KiNK, Hector and Dixon for sure.

CE: Tell us a little bit about keinemusik. Is there a creative concept behind it or is it just a couple of friends from Berlin that decided to build something together?

&ME: It started with zero concepts but now we are trying to be more professional and future orientated. The first two years everything was completely new to us and we tried our best to manage these challenges. We still have to learn lots of things and always try to let the label grow. Let’s see what 2013 brings.

CE: You played in Bucharest in Romania a few weeks ago. Have you visited other countries in South-East Europe? Have you heard anything about the electronic music scene in the region? What are your impressions so far?

&ME: That was the first time I played in this region without knowing how it will be like and I was totally surprised that they have a great underground scene going on. Both gigs where totally amazing and the people where really into the music. I heard the same thing about Sofia and I am very excited to play there.
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