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John Digweed

date: 02.09.2009
event: Bedrock Eleven LP release
text/questions: Dosio Dosev

It was a great opportunity and pleasure to take this interview from one of the greatest DJs after the resurrection of the section with the Robert Dietz entry last month. The Interviews’ section was totally dismissed by the team for more then a year. We weighed this so much!

John Digweed has created two mixed CDs and an unmixed compilation for his forthcoming “Bedrock Eleven” LP. It's main focus is the future. Last night I had the chance to listen to the promo podcasts covering the album and I can say it looks to be a great future for John and Bedrock, because the mix is really big.

Here’s a small interview with John Digweed. Enjoy it!

When we say “Hi”, you say…?


To introduce John Digweed to our readers, describe yourself in 5 words?

Professional, focused, consistent, thoughtful and funny.

What’s the meaning of life to you?

Well you are only here once so do something you enjoy and have fun.

What does “DJ” stand for? How would you define it?

The ability to read a audience and connect with them musically.

What would you describe as your biggest achievement to date, both personally and career-wise?

Being voted No 1 DJ was great as it was the peoples vote and getting married was a great personal moment for me.

What keeps you awake at night?

I like being awake at night thats when I come alive trying to sleep during the day is the hard part.

How do you feel about your forthcoming “Bedrock Eleven” LP?

The label has had a great year with some fantastic releases on it including Guy J, Alan Fitzpatrick and Smith and Selway, I have managed to sign some great tracks and get some stunning remixes in to put this album together over 35 new and unreleased tracks over 3 x CD’s.

You probably have visited lots of music festivals and clubs around the world. Which three would you say are the “the real deal” now?

I have had some amazing festival shows in Argentina, Beirut and Romania and Bulgaria this year.

What do you know about this region in terms of electronic music culture and dance scene?

I know that the people love to party and if you play well they really get behind you - I always have fun.

by melody @ 03 Sep 2009, 22:56
i dont know if an artist has to follow/trust the audience's tastes when JD says "The ability to read a audience and connect with them musically"... cause i'm waiting from an artist to be inventive, innovative, risky, even if the audience is not used to your experiments... it's the only way to get forward artistically. feel it, pay attention but follow your "in-feelings and willings"! i'm gonna be a dj!


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02.09.2009  (CE)