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Robert Dietz


date: 20.06.2009
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text/questions: Siana Petro

Why did you choose Dietz as your artist name?

Robert Dietz: Dietz is the maiden name of my mother. I chose it because first, I don’t want my real name to be my artist name, and second, Robert Jochim didn’t sound good to me for that purpose.

Tell us something more about you... about the Robert outside the club or the studio...

Robert Dietz: The Robert outside the studio likes hanging out with friends, wasting time in e-communities, cooking and listening to different styles of music. Sounds quite boring.

Talking about music... Who/what influenced you most in forming your music taste?

Robert Dietz: My music taste was formed thoroughly over the last 15 years. I started with pop music, then came punk and metal, then over to hip hop, to techno and house, nowadays. Main influence was the huge record collection of my dad and, of course, my friends.

All time favorite maybe?

Robert Dietz: Bands?

Anything… doesn't have to be electronic music.

Robert Dietz: All time favorites are Metallica, The Smiths, The Cure, Outkast, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest

Ha! Metallica... haven't you thought of remixing them? Lol

Robert Dietz: Eh, not really. Metal and electronic music should be separated. There were a few artists who proved that it is not doable...

Why do you think they should be separated?

Robert Dietz: Because the metal attitude doesn’t really fit into a club scene... don’t you think so?

Why not? You still scream and jump like crazy...

Robert Dietz: Yes, but we cut our hair, use deodorant and don’t smell like we’ve spent the last week in the same clothes.

Ha ha! Nice one! I agree. Enough for metal music... Let’s talk about Cecille Records now. How did it all happen?

Robert Dietz: It happened through Markus Fix. He was the first guy who released on Cecille and is one of my best friends. He connected me with the guys from Cecille, I gave them a demo, and because Mark and Nick Curly were into my first release on Be Chosen, they decided to work with me further on.

How do you explain your success? It has been all about Cecille in the past 1 year.

Robert Dietz: I would say that Cecille really hit the bull’s eye with their sound. Maybe the people were tired of all the “reduced” sound in the past years... so it was time for a change. The warmer sound of the house music came back to the dancefloors...

And there your time came, eh? You were mentioned by Beatport as a tech house artist to watch in 2009. Does that put you under pressure? Seems like people have big expectations from you.

Robert Dietz: Definitely. No doubt! The more success you get, the more pressured you feel. It is not really easy to go back to the studio and work in a carefree way, I have to free my mind. When I started making music, it was more like playing with ideas and just producing music for my own. But when I got to the point I had released a couple of EPs already and the people are really into them, watching me and awaiting for more quality releases, I started working more heavy headed. But maybe this is a phase I have to deal with. I’m only producing music since about two and a half years, so I’m just in the beginning.

Where are you heading next then? Album?

Robert Dietz: No, not really. I think an album should be very different to an EP. It makes no sense for me to produce an album with dancefloor tracks only. An album should be also listenable at home. It should be more experimental.

Sounds interesting. When should we expect that experimental album then?

Robert Dietz: It takes a lot of time to work on an album, at the moment I don’t really find time for studio work, because of all the traveling. But maybe next year… it is not planed yet.

Ok.. I'm done with my questions... now it's your turn to ask me one...

Robert Dietz: eh? Ha ha. When will you be able to talk to me in German?

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