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date: 18.11.2007
location: n/a
event: n/a
text/questions: Siana Petro

When talking about a massive party, amazing DJ set and a unique atmosphere, we can’t miss mentioning Audiofly. Anthony Middleton (UK) and Luca Saporito (IT) are the two main culprits for the birth of the duo in 2002. More about them, read below.

Why Audiofly? and not Audiobug or Audioant or whatever...

Well, Audiofly was basically the result of 3 weeks trying to find a name... It's funny but it literally takes 2 days to finish a track, but can take a lifetime to find the right name... lol

Eventually, Luca and I were sitting there, banging our heads against the wall, and I suggested that I really like names like Superfly, (which was a "disco-days" thing)... and Luca just suddenly said "....what about Audiofly?" and it felt right, so we just rolled with it... Ironically enough though, our company is called Audiobug.

How did you guys actually meet? And how did the whole story began?

It's all thanks to my little sister actually, she was dating this Italian guy... and, well you know the Italian networks right? They are all connected. So it was only a question of time before we all bumped into each other... I was forced to go and listen to Luca spinning, and I couldn't make any excuses, because the club was literally right outside my house.

Then the next time we met, Luca came and warmed up for me at a party I was organizing. But as I had no budget left and needed an act to fill the gaps between live performances, he offered to play for free. So how could I say no to such generosity? lol

After the gig, I thanked him so much for his time, and he said "cool, cool.. maybe one day we can do a remix or something at your studio, if the right opportunity comes up". I, of course said: "Yeah, no problem", and about 2 weeks later, the right opportunity showed up. The rest is history, as they say.

What in this English-Italian cooperation makes it better than other artists? And what did each one of you contributed to the duo's uniqueness with?

It's not about English or Italian. It's just 2 guys (who could be from anywhere) who found a bond and fortunately enjoy each others company.

I mean, I guess our heritages contribute, certainly visually, and we are both from really warm family backgrounds (I'm half Philipino and my family is all about "family" and compassion, much like Luca's), so we are both warm and open and we love to meet people.

I think that Luca is like the more outgoing of the two of us. He is the kinda singing, dancing "New York, New York" type - always approachable - slightly chaotic, but always entertaining, whereas I am slightly more background, and reserved (except when intoxicated)... lol... Hmmm, maybe I give structure and form to the duo and Luca does the tap dancing.

You're playing the hottest venues, getting the hottest chicks, doing the sexiest and hottest sets... Where do you get all that heat from?

It's total passion for what we do! We believe in what we are doing. Actually couldn't imagine what else we would do if we couldn't do this. We just live it and breathe it! It's all directly from our hearts. When we are on stage, we just go into a musical trance... really feel each tune, in fact we hardly ever speak... just synchronized... we only pause to share jokes and laugh.

Tune of year 2007?

Now that is a hard one. There are so many, in different categories... what we play out, what we listen to... OK... sorry, you're gonna get a few...

The track that has hung around in our sets for the longest this year is definitely "Transit Time" by Smith and Selway, the remix is by Ali Dubfire. We get tired really quickly of big tunes, but for some reason there always seems to be a moment when that track fits.

"Bomberos" by Luciano is a classic that we don't play out. It's so beautiful and emotive - totally iPod killer.

And down tempo... chillaxing... Slovo – "Whisper"... check it out... heart wrenching ballad... But don't listen to it if you're breaking up. lol

Anything new coming up soon? Interesting gigs you want to show off with?

We're doing our first longplayer at the moment. The concept is just the journey it will take the listener on, like one long piece. Obviously, there will be 3, 4 proper Audiofly numbers and some Massive Attack-style moments, amazing and very different vocals and some new beat directions for us... and it's coming out on a very strong label. Wait until Christmas to find out!

Also I forgot to mention Supernature, our new record label we're just starting. It already got a lot of support going on, and the music is just deep and amazing - real dope A sides. We've asked all the artists to just go deep and not to worry about what is going to sell. And then the B side will get a full remix workout from some of the most upfront producers around, so everyone is satisfied.

Apart from the album and the label, there are several gigs which we're really excited about.
First and foremost is of course, NYE in Escape, Sofia... really, really excited about it. Love the energy of the party people in Bulgaria in general, and to make it even more exciting, we have been given the opportunity to select our own warm-up. So we'll be playing alongside another duo - female this time - Sophie Oliver and Claudia Lovisa. They are absolutely wicked... and hot too... haha... NYE is gonna be "the bomb"!

After that we're off to South America for most of January and February, "Warung" (Brazil), both the "Pacha" in Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires, "El Cine" in Bogota, then a tour of the States and Mexico, which is our favorite place on that side of the world.

And for an end... wish something to our readers for Christmas and NYE :)

Well, we wish you all an amazing Christmas and New Year, may the next year bring happiness and fortune to all your readers. Everyone else who doesn't read this can go suck eggs... hahha... only joking of course.

This year has apparently been the Chinese year of the Pig and has seen many hard times for many people... so out with 07 and welcome 08... for everyone!

by Ardin @ 12 Dec 2007, 03:37
very nice story ...


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