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Adam Beyer

date: 05.10.2007
location: Hristo Botev Hall (Sofia, BG)
event: Viva Sound Factory
text/questions: Peter Kashev

Hello Adam. How are you?

I’m fine, thanks.

The last time you played in Bulgaria was 4 years ago. Do you remember something from the party?

Well…I remember it was outside, down in a harbor. Then we went to a second club and it was nice…a lot of people and a really good atmosphere.

How have you changed since then as an artist?

Four years ago, I was starting to change my style from the old stuff to this today. Today it’s much more this stuff around and it has become a lot more popular. People are more used to it as new and young generation that doesn’t even know about the 90’s techno. So, it’s actually easy right know for me to go and play then 4 years ago when I started to shift. Now people just take the music for granted, they know this sound, they know how to party to it. Also I become more use to it and hopefully I’m better playing it.

Do you have any news about an album you will release soon? It’s been quit a long time since your “Ignition Key” in 2002.

I have a mixed CD planned. Otherwise, I’m still not really ready to do an album because it has to be something special. I’m pretty happy with doing singles, releases and remixes right now.

Last year you celebrated 10 years as a manager of one of the most influential labels in the history of techno music – Drumcode. Where do you think the techno sound is heading to?

With Drumcode I put a lot of energy back in the days. Now I have 6 releases planned for the next couple of months. I will try to keep up heavy schedule on the label which means at least one release for a month, partly because I feel like techno is missing on the market right now. I still like to play techno and I think there are a lot of good producers that make this sound and I want to bring them together. It doesn’t sound like the old techno, it’s obviously influenced from the electronic music today. It’s not so fast but still with a tough edge.

In general I think techno is coming back. For awhile most of the music was really minimal and not so powerful in production side. Now there are more records that are minimal but more on the harder side of things. The production also has become more powerful, putting more energy into it. I think in the next 2 or 3 years we will see a lot of hybrids between techno and minimal, and hopefully influences from the 90’s techno.

So, you think the circle is closed because 10 years ago the techno sound was very popular and now it comes back reinvented.

Yes. And like I said we should listen to those records from ‘95, ’96 and ’97…the early Surgeon, Luke Slater…records that were trippy, not just loopy, records that have arrangements. That’s why I like minimal as well because it’s a music that is going somewhere.

You mentioned minimal a couple of times…do you have any thoughts on the minimal hype? Today is modern and popular to label everything as minimal. Which artists represent this style? Obviously, Richie Hawtin and his M_nus crew are the leaders.

I don’t really care if minimal is trendy or not. It is what it is and hopefully lots of great records will continue to come out from different labels and M_nus as well. On the other hand minimal brought a lot of life into the techno scene. The generation of people and producers that became older and didn’t like just hard and loopy techno, are coming back into the scene too because they can identify with this sound. It’s not so stressful but more relaxed which is great thing. And if people are missing techno that much and complain, then go and make some techno (laughs).

What is the current status of your Drumcode, Truesoul and Mad Eye imprints? Do you have any interesting artists from Sweden or elsewhere that you will release?

Drumcode is actually opened up and it’s going to be international and releasing records from all over the world and not only Sweden anymore. I used to have this policy of releasing music made by my friends only. Now it’s people I know but listening to music from other artists as well. It’s the same with Truesoul, speeding up a little bit. Next release will be from Perc on October 15.

Mad Eye is not really planned. It’s a label for me…when I decide to make music…it’s my name reversed (smiles).

Can you name a track from your own productions that you like the most as well as a couple of tracks from other artists that you think are hot right now?

I’m pretty happy with what I have done the last couple of years. Nothing is perfect, it never is for me. I was happy with my Plus 8 record (“A Walking Contradiction”), the remix I did for Len Faki’s “Mekong Delta” as well as with some releases for Mad Eye a couple of years ago that came very well.

Some of the best records I’m playing right now are coming from my labels which I’m pretty happy with because it’s first time in awhile. I have Joey Beltram remix on one of my tracks on Drumcode, Paco Osuna remix on another my track. I’m also doing some remixing on old stuff which is really fun.

One of my biggest tracks this summer was Dubfire’s “Ribcage” that I have been playing a couple of months.

Thank you. My last question is what does the future hold for Adam Beyer in work and personal perspectives?

Since I get a little bit older (laughs)…I was so young in the past…I realized that this is what I’m going to do. I think I will bring back my attention to the labels again, working hard, not only partying wild…a little bit of balance between everything. It’s going to be more professional and I think the next 10 years will be better than the previous 10 because it’s been pretty good already.

by kalin @ 12 Oct 2007, 23:54
good job amigo, thanx for beyer!
by Uran @ 27 Jan 2008, 00:56
cool interview mate (Y)


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