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Nic Fanciulli

date: 14.07.2007
location: Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia (backstage)
event: Exit festival Day 2
text/questions: Elena Ionovska

Nic Fanciulli started in his hometown record shop in Maidstone, Kent at the age of 16. Four years after he was a resident in the local house instituion Club Class, playing along with the likes of Carl Cox. Nic is still a resident there but many other things happened along the way. He's definitely one of the most talented new DJs and producers in the last 3 years and his work has been praised by his own heroes Sasha, Pete Tong and many other. He is also the person who stands behind the very successful Buick Project and Skylark. We catch him at Exit festival to chat up about important summer issues.

I’m sure you do lots of gigs like this one in the summer. Does Exit festival remind you of some other festival, you’ve been to?

No, it’s very unique in the way it is set out, in a fortress. The people seem to be enjoying themselves quite a lot. I play at 6 in the morning and that’s good.

Tell me about the One + One double CD mix that you did with James Zabiela recently.

We’re really good friends and we spent quite a lot of time, about 2 years, thinking “Let’s do a CD, let’s do a tour”. And in January we finally released it and actually I just got back from the 3 months tour around the world. It has been a lot of fun, we enjoy the music we play together. This is probably the first tour that I do on my own since 3 months.

When you were making the CD, did you make some distribution of who’s gonna do what? Was there a plan?

We sent records back & forth to each other for about 6 months, so we knew what we were thinking of the CD. And then in January we spent a week in my house and we did the whole CD together.

The end product sounds indeed very smooth, one mix complements the other one, totally corresponds to the whole concept: One + One.

In fact, we didn’t plan to make the CD too upfront, we just played a lot of our favourite tracks on it and James and I have the same musical background. We enjoy the same records.

You are a resident in Ibiza in club Space. Do you think Ibiza is still the place to be, the hottest clubbing summer location. Do you think it will always keep its “Party Island” reputation?

There is a need to have a place to have fun where everyone can meet. I think for Europe Ibiza is the one.

And even though they’re making some changes now, introducing more restrictions and closing some after-hour clubs…?

I think so. The island survived on clubbing and dance music for the last 20 years, so they have no choice.

If you have to compare the scene there and in the UK, what’s the difference, where do you play more and where do you prefer to play?

Oh, it’s totally different because in Ibiza everyone has come for 1 reason – to have party & lot of fun & listen to good music. In the UK you go to some clubs and you have the back up. But it’s very hard to tell the difference because Ibiza it carries on & carries on & carries on… England starts Friday finishes Sunday.

Do you have like a music idol?

Michael Jackson!! (laughs) When I was growing, he was just there, doing everything cool and new. But the people who really influenced me in music were bands like The Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, New Order, electronic groups like Daft Punk are throughout my heroes, Laurent Garnier, Lee Burridge, Sasha…

If you had a son, what would you like him to be? Would you like him to follow you?

If I had a son, the one thing I would like for him, would be to be happy. Because the one thing I’m very thankful to my parents is that they have been very supportive all these years. I did so many things, I played football, I played golf and I DJed and they supported everything. So whatever he wants to do, I would just do the same for him.

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