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date: 18.06.2007
location: ---
event: Chaim @ Sudio Martin
text/questions: Dosio Dosev

Hello, how are you?

Fine, thanks.

First of all, what have you heard about Romania and Bulgaria? Do you know something about the dance scene here in South-Eastern Europe?

Unfortunately, I don’t know much. I have heard good things about Studio Martin in Bucharest and Syiget Festival in Hungary though.

Can you tell us what's the dance scene like in Israel? Is the goa trance music still strong?

Well, I have always been away from that scene and although it seems like it all goa, you don’t hear much trance music inside the clubs. My genre is techno and there is enough of it in Israel…well, not enough actually…

All members of your family are musicians. Why and how you decided to become a DJ? What style of music did you play when you first started DJing?

I have always been into the music and around the clubs. At the beginning I didn’t get much electronic music before I started working in the clubs. Now, it’s different.

How did you meet Guy Gerber? How long have you been working together?

I met Guy last year even though we knew each other from before. He liked what I was doing at that time and we started making music together, thus came tracks like “My Space” and “Beaches”. We have new EP coming out on Supplement Facts soon.

What is the mission of Supplement Facts? Is there something special and what can we expect from the label in overall?

Supplement Facts is Guy's label and baby. It’s doing really well establishing itself these days. Although I will continue releasing tracks there, I’m about to open my own label.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I let myself get really lost into the music when I work. The less distractions I have, the more I get lost and the better my music is.

"Genesis" for Cocoon is great track. I like it most of all yours. So, how did you create it?

I was at Berlin at that time. I didn’t have a real studio to work in but I really liked the idea. My only concern was that the sound wasn’t good enough. But I’m really happy with the way it turned.

What's the best track you have recorded?

I still can’t say something like that. What I can say though is that I’m working on my sound as I learn more everyday and I’m able to get more out of the equipment I use.

Tell me some names of fresh producers that have impressed you lately and you like nowadays. And give me the names of their tracks too.

There are lots of producers that I like today but with so many around, it is hard to point out a name. Nevertheless, Jamie Jons and people like Guy Gerber, Quarion and Audion are one of my favorites. As for the tracks’ names:
Jamie Jons - Panama City Life
Bushwacka - Remember (Dub Mix)
Pelle Buys - Come Into My World (Chaim Remix)

My last question is: Do you have any other solo projects?

Most of my career and releases are solo. I only had a few collabrations with Guy Gerber and I’m also involved in a project called “James Blonde Experience” that will be released on Traum next year.

by Peter @ 18 Jun 2007, 21:31
Good interview with a promising producer and DJ. I hope to see him in Bulgaria or somewhere else soon...


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18.06.2007  (CE)