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Martin Garcia

date: 19.03.2007
location: Sofia, BG
event: Global House DJs @ Pr. club
text/questions: Dosio Dosev

D: Hi, how are you? Do you like Sofia?
MG: Hi, I feel great, thanks! Of course I like Sofia a lot. It’s different and quite interesting.

D: Let’s go back in time, from the very beginning. Where and when did you first start DJing? And how did you know that this was the thing you wanted to do?
MG: I’ve been DJing for 15 years now…I actually decided that I’d like to become a DJ when I first saw Hernan Cattaneo and I haven’t been doing anything else since then.

D: Can you tell us your favourite DJ, producer and track?
MG: My favourite DJ is Hernan Cattaneo. There are many producers I like but most of them aren’t very popular and they are generally new to the scene. I really like their production. It’s very good.
As for a favourite track of mine, I’ve got so many. I pretty much enjoy all the tracks I play. At times there are some of them that I like playing quite often and of course sometimes I don’t play them that often…But the track of the tracks I’d remember is certainly a remix by Deep Dish from 1995 called "Hideaway - De'lacy".

D: Do you have a favourite track among those you produced yourself?
MG: I don’t really have a favourite one but last year I did a remix of "De'lacy" and I’m very proud of it.

D: How would you define your style?
MG: My style is something between house and progressive house with a little bit of electro but not much…

D: Having in mind your hard schedule, do you have any time to produce your own tracks really? Is there anything new from you on its way? A new track maybe? Or a promo CD you have on you right now? :)
MG: I did put out a brand new track on Saturday, something I did lately. I’m working on two remixes that will be finished quite soon. I don’t have any promo CDs at the moment but next time I’ll prepare some for my Bulgarian fans.

D:That’s a good idea. You have a lot of fans in Bulgaria. We can’t wait to see you back again next time…Everyone’s downloading Journey from Metrodance Radio. Can you recommend another radio show that we can listen to on line?
MG: That would be a hard thing to do because I don’t really listen to the radio. But I think that John Digweed presents quite of a good selection of tracks and guests on his show on Kiss 100. I’m impressed each time I listen to it.

D: Can you tell us what’s the dance scene like in Argentina? Does it lack something and what are the things you like about it? I know that progressive house is typical of the scene there but what I want to know is whether minimal’s already taking over?
MG: I can’t say, I really hope there is minimal. Things happen quite slowly in Argentina. We have some big festivals over there that are growing strong right now. In the last few years Creamfileds has been organized in Buenos Aires and this year there were 60 000 visitors. The better thing is that generally the parties in Argentina are growing bigger. I personally prefer to play in clubs. It is very nice to have the audience closer and to feel the vibe of those 1000 people instead of an enormous crowd.

D: Is there a country in the world you like to return to each time you tour? Which country has impressed you the most?
MG: There are three countries I like a lot and these are Bulgaria, Peru and Argentina where people are very much alike, they have similar taste in music and pretty much enjoy having fun.

D: Do you remember your biggest gig ever? When have you played the longest time in front of an audience?
MG: The maximum time I’ve ever played was about 6-7 hours and in Argentina I haven’t played more than 4 hours because people there go out late at night. Well, I have so many favourite parties that I can’t really pick one in particular, I’ve been playing in front of an audience for 15 years. I remember Creamfileds in 4 years, if the memory serves me right. We played together with Hernan Cattaneo in front of 25 000 people and the party was tremendous.

D: Now the question we ask everyone. Can you tell us the funniest story that happened to you while you were DJing?
MG: I don’t remember something funny enough to enable me to recall it that well. Maybe it’s the party with Cattaneo I already told you about. It was quite special. We’ve been playing together for the first time in front of so many people and I was slightly drunk…Then Hernan, who is really like a father to me, told me : “Be careful with the drinking!” :)

D: That’s a good advice and a good end of the interview! Thank you very much.

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19.03.2007  (CE)