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Au Bar Banana beach bar Cavo Paradiso club Venue
Au Bar Banana beach bar Cavo Paradiso club Venue
In 2002 Au Bar becomes a real symbol of Corfu nightlife, a synonym for quality and fun.
With a sharp musical selection ranging from house, tech-house, electro,... read more
The Beach bar / Being a part of this small paradise, that helped Banana Beach bar to spread its reputation to the crowd, providing high quality services, playing the top summer tunes featuring... read more Somewhere on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea embraces the island of Myconos, where you will find club Cavo Paradiso ready for action. read more After 3 years, the largest club in the city is finally opening its doors, creating a 3 stage dance floor. Total Black Contrasts with images of the city, silky silver seating, a top quality sound... read more
Letom club Liebe.! Mamacas The Hall
Letom club Liebe.! Mamacas The Hall
Djs, musicians, as well as young designers, photographers, performers, etc… gather to be part of a sophisticated movement and defend quality in... read more The fully renovated building that houses liebe.!, has a capacity of about 700 people, operates primarily as electronic dance music club and has one of the most modern and complete sound... read more In March, 1998 Mamaca’s opened in a 38 square meter neo-classical building on Persephone street nest to the old municipal gas works. The area was a working-class neighborhood... read more ex - Luv club is located in Psiri area at the heart of Athens, viewing the magnificent Parthenon at the Acropolis rock. Psiri area in the busiest place... read more
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