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Banana beach bar



The place / Located in a secret area, blessed by the holly Mount of Athos, Banana Beach has been one of the top preferred sea sides of northern Greece. Sithonia / Chalhidiki, has been a main hot spot of millions of people from all over country and European tourists spending their summer vacations. Try to analyze correctly the properties you need and the best options for your summer vacations. Banana Beach seems to take good care of people’s physical entertainment!

It’s been almost seventh years already that we have discovered paradise on the beach of Banana. Since then, the beach has been a very special place and a shelter in the warm and clear sand. It’s a location accessible by car driving on the national road between Zografou Beach and the camping of Armenistis and also by boat.

The Beach bar / Being a part of this small paradise, that helped Banana Beach bar to spread its reputation to the crowd, providing high quality services, playing the top summer tunes featuring exotic reggae and latin sounds, ethereal ambient and lounge relaxing moments, up to the louder dance genres of house, progressive, electro and minimal techno, hosting special events with top international DJs and performers…

This year, the weekdays will remain pretty relaxing with the coolest cocktails under high quality relaxing sounds and exotic rhythms, open all day and night for the people. This is the best part of the week, when body and soul become one with the beach, receiving energy that gets spent best on weekends when the tempo gets higher and the decibels are hiting red with the reknown Banana afternoon parties where dance comes first!

ADDRESS: 2KM from Zografou-Armenistis, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, GREECE
WEBSITE: http://www.bananabeachbar.gr

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22.07.2008  (CE)