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Nick Nikolov

An ordinary boy with an extraordinary talent for producing soulful tracks, which resonate with the feet and the mind. Nick Nikolov is an obscenely young Bulgarian artist, who was born with acid jazz bands on tape, Star Wars on video and later on grooved with funky house in the elementary school. We say grooved as he learned good music the easiest way with his mother honing his love for jazz, house and bossa nova, while his father teaching him how to mix on cds and vinyls.

When Nick found out he couldn't make a living on a spaceship racing around the
galaxy he decided to craft beats, inspired by some Brazilian music, his hard-hitting and harsh on his back friends and the future in particular like some kind of bespectacled young jedi, who knows a thing or two about contemporary culture and doesn’t hide his fascination with the charisma of Thom Yorke, the hands of Herbie Hancock, the perfectionism of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel from French band Air, the vinyl collection of Gilles Peterson and the grooves of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - Daft Punk.

Nick Nikolov is too young to have a clear and definite personal style, but tends to work for layered sound, which comprises the music from his youth, current obsessions and his latest inspirations, that are processed through the digital software. Eventually people in his hometown started noticing his amateur yet appealing sound and Nick was given a chance to perform at local hotspots such as Yalta Club and Culture Beat. In the process Nick met amazing people supporting him, helping and even mentoring him. Speaking of which he will always be a slave to Strahil Velchev aka KiNK, Vasil Ivanov Jr – manager and co-founder of Elevate Entertainment and Liubo Ursiny, who helped him realize his music ideas in the best possible way and the meantime look behind the backs of important artists like Guy Gerber, Loco Dice, KiNK, Nick Curly, Adam Port, tINI and others.

His latest release Come Down (Liebe Detail, 2012) is a warm bikini pleaser, in the words of kompakt.fm, a soulful floor filler, which stirs the senses and inspires a truly joyful sense of being with its nicely tuned jacking drums, hi-tech, inventive fills and addictive keys. World domination might not be in a galaxy, far, far away at last.

website: http://www.elevate-entertainment.com/

10.02.2013  (CE)