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Octav Paul

Born in 1986, enters the world of house music somewhere around the year of 1999 when he gets deep into listening underground radio shows. After 3 years, he starts playing with some music production software, creating some ideas of songs that led him to the tracks he is composing today.

As a DJ he starts mixing in 2006 in clubs and bars, and gets a residency at a club, and the chance to play in main and after-hours events at other clubs. In 2008 he enters the international Heineken Thirst Competition with a track that blew the roof of the clubs in his area, but didn’t qualify.

After a long period of time working in his small studio, he manages to release his first LP, the “Hey!” LP, at Musicarena net label in July 2008.

His second LP appeared shortly at the same label, in October 2009, called “Night Shift”. This second LP contains a track called “Fast Nights” that was sent to Pete Tongs Fast Trax Show, entered the contest, and qualified for 3rd place, and hears a great feedback from DJs around the world.

With a fresh new sound, at the start of 2009, he’s being asked to join a new group of talented DJs and producers also, completing the Massive Entertainment DJ Agency.

website: http://www.octavpaul.com

24.09.2013  (CE)