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Robert Dietz

"You see house is a feeling!" These words of Chuck Roberts are an irreversible truth by itself. Especially in our hectic times where origin, age, technical experience or musical socialisation are almost insignificant if it's only the result that counts.

Robert Dietz is emphasizing this in a formidable way. Growing up in the club scene of the Rhine-Main area, under the influence of Sven VЉth, Robert Johnson and the Frankfurt record store Freebase Records, run by Dorian Paic and DJ Meat, Dietz is definitely one of those unjaded faces that is able to breathe some fresh air into the whole game by interpreting house music in a simple fashion.

When he was young, in between spending time in the skate park and having borrowed a Roland 303, his own two Technics 1210 and a mixtape of Playhouse-DJ Ata, whose label checked everything out with Isolees "beau mot plage", Robert became aware of this drug called music. After a short and predictable period of hip hop and the common career as a club kid, he got into the phase of orientation between cramped record boxes, his first DJ-gigs in a club of his hometown and the first productive attempts at his personal computer at home.

Different from nerds and music journalists, who want to force on concepts and implementation, Robert Dietz is showing this positive unbiasedness in his music Р in between modern post-minimal-aesthetics with a grain of salt and a keen sense of house music at all. "Lost Horizon", Jaszu EP, released on CЋcille Records, is bringing hypnotic repetitions and stream-lined versions of kicking dubs, for example: produced by classical House producers like K.O.T., Kerri Chandler or Mood II Swing, together. 'The Education of Mischief EP', released on BeChosen is satisfying techno DJs and "Shunsower" (Cecille as well) is citing disco in the most voluminous phase, like feeling the heat of the night on the dance floor.

As a DJ, he possesses this burning passion as well. The music of close friends like Markus Fix, Reboot and the boys from Oslo are connected to true school techno, old school house and new school grooves. T-Bar London, Cocoon Club Frankfurt, Robert Johnson Offenbach and clubs in Berlin such as Arena, already had the chance to look, see and hear, first of all.

The most valuable asset of Robert Dietz is not his conclusive DJ or producer skills. It's his enthusiastic way of being a teaser which is making aspirating artists like him sympathetic. As Chuck Roberts once said.

06.07.2009  (CE)