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Marko Milosavljevic

When he applied for piano lessons, his parents were thrilled. Later on, they didn't appreciate his interest in electronic or techno sound. Nowadays, even older folks can relic the sound of Marko Milosavljevic.

Let's see the basic information about him. Born and raised in Trstenik, Serbia, in 1983. There he got his primary education, and as mentioned, studied and later graduated the piano. As he entered his teens, he got acquainted with the different sound. He was completely fascinated by electronic music, and he still is. Once he started exploring it, he realized he will never be able to stop. But during the whole exploring thing, he started making his own music… In Belgrade he found a place and companions, so he can freely produce by exploring.

At the age of sixteen, he had his first bigger experience as a DJ. One thing lead to another, and got invited to perform at a big event organized by Teshka Mashinerija. He met Marko Nastic who was and still is an important influence, but also became a close associate. What is even more important, along with Dejan Milicevic, represents a good friend and a great support.

Marko Nastic maybe noticed it sooner, but almost everyone can see now, how dedicated Marko Milosavljevic is. Almost fanatic dedication to music, and the perfect amount of braveness are what distinguish him from other DJs. Helping him sometimes means forcing him to take a break. He is continue sly experimenting with different forms of electronic music. Doing that, he needs no food or sleep.

He was resident DJ in every Belgrade club that matters. He performed all over the country, as a headliner, as a co-star with other established Serbian DJs and with almost every relative foreign guests. They applauded him at the EXIT Festival (2005, 2006, 2007 - Dance Arena). He was side to side with his idols at the Dis-Patch Festival. He performed at many other big events and, such as Summer Gathering, Ovo je Moj Grad, Beerfest, Lake Summer Festival and more. He contributed the opening of the Youth Olympic Games in Belgrade Arena, in 2007. He made a special performance with the National Orchestra. From 2006 Marko is performing not only in his only country.

In July 2006, he remixed Andi Teichmann`s (Kompakt, Festplateen) track "Myschkin" and it emerged the compilation Belgrade Coffee Shop : Area 6 published by B92.Track named Princip is on that CD as well. It is a product made by Space Explorers. SE is one of many project Marko Milosavljevic and Marko Nastic did together. During 2006, two more releases from Space Explorers were published under the two Dutch labels (LuxaFlex 07 and ShadowFax 03). Lately, Milosavljevic focused his work to home labels. He did the remix for Boriqua Tribez along with Marko Nastic for label Recon Warriors 08. Also remixed Kruko on Traffica 05. There is a new Space Explorers track on Shadowfax 09 and again Space Explorers' EP On Valentino Kanzyani's Jesus Loved You. Marko even made some experimental, ambient-downtempo tracks, and they were successful as well. Track Sprzna is on latest Belgrade Coffee Shop.

He is managing label Recon Warriors and two sub labels Recon Light and Traffica. Studio Bordel is a place where Marko Milosavljevic works, with his partners Marko Nastic and Dejan Milicevic. He is in charge of complete Bordel's infrastructure. He also did the complete acoustic arrangement of Bordel studio which was his final exam on his studies [Audio & Video Technologies at the Faculty VETS Belgrade].

Serbia's number one radio station B92 gave Friday night to Nastic, Milicevic & Milosavljevic. Their show is called Music For Body And Soul.

His studio is neat and clean, but his room is really dusty. He is DJing a lot, and still he is managing to work on his music production, sound recording & acoustics. Doing all this, he is proving most of what people used to say about him. He was pronounced as a 'hope' of Serbian DJ scene, and now he is making a new one along with his sound.

22.06.2009  (CE)