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Yorgos Pontsaris

Coming from Greece, composing and producing electronic, ambient and house music, film composer & live set performer.

Yorgos Pontsaris had his first touch with a music instrument/sequencer, around the age of 8. Amazed by electric sound, when 15 years old he bought an electric guitar, spending many hours a day teaching himself, and made his 1st music composition. This leaded him to create a band. Around 1990, he got deeper into professional midi sequencing, making electronic music also using computers, such as Amiga 500 or Commodore 64 earlier. That got expanded by spending all his money on hardware equipment and synths. Although he was already DJing electronic music, his first official public appearance was in 1999 by composing and producing an ambient, long-play movie soundtrack (The Hunt For The Hare / To Kynigi Tou Lagou), and got nominated for the Greek National Award of the best original film soundtrack, at the 40th International Thessaloniki Film Festival. In the same year, he also composed soundtracks for 2 long play documentaries. After a long period of working as dj, playing house music, learning more about audio production, but having no inspiration for music compositions, he comes back in the beginning of 2008, by releasing 'Far From True' and 'Summer Energy' EPs, giving us pure electronic, deep, funky and true progressive-house output.

Yorgos Pontsaris makes his debut on Sydney label Hypnotic Room, with the powerful and masterfully crafted 'Housemade EP'. Yorgos himself delivers two mixes - Elegant Mix and Club Mix, both combining his immaculate production skills and unique sounds with deep bass lines, funky house rhythms and hypnotizing tech grooves that are bound to have both underground and crossover appeal. Irresistible club tech!

website: http://www.yorgospontsaris.com

21.06.2009  (CE)