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Ison/Actor One

DJ, music producer, radio host of the NON Radio Sessions, event coordinator, musical director of Reworks Festival are some of the activities held by Ison. To him music is a mean of expressing his freedom as he leaves his music speaking for him. Founding member of the NON collective, Ison is regarded today as one of the most important and influencial faces of the electronic music scene of Greece and alongside Nikos one of the responsible people for the development of the electronic sound in the country.

His involvement with music started at a very young age with a radio show been presented on a pirate radio station playing everything from early acid house to techno and ambient sounds. Soon Ison found himself playing in small house parties, progressed and developed a unique musical style influenced by the sound of Detroit combining acid house influences and techno bass lines.

In 2000 he has formed together with Solar and A. Anthopoulos the NON collective giving
attention to the establishment of a new and fresh electronic sound for the Greek standards through the creation of the the aesthetics series, the Kontakt and the Polaroid parties. Soon he found himself playing in front of thousands of crowds, presenting and establishing his sound. Highlight is the creation and coordination of the Reworks festival of music and fine arts, a festival that was held in Thessaloniki in 2005 and continues till today by gaining impressive and exciting feedback and comments from the media all over Europe and Greece.

Overall his DJing career, Ison has made appearances all over Greece, but also abroad such as in New York, London, Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona plus many more. Some of the highlights are his performances during Pop.komm Festival in Germany, Electron Festival in Switzerland, Reworks Festival in Greece, Nuits Sonores Festival in France but also his appearance at the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki and the Video Dance Festival in Greece receiving high reviews.

In 2011 Ison continued touring and performing on selective festivals and clubs in the country and abroad. In the meantime he has started producing diverse musical soundscapes under the electronic music alliance Actor One.

His musical style does not derive from a certain genre. "I enjoy to play what I really like, records that sound good to my ear. It can be house, electro, minimal, techno, simply everything!" Often his DJ sets are a mixture of different musical elements where suddenly hip hop basslines, percussions, acapella vocals, disco, and early Detroit and Chicago house sounds are getting together in his electronic set, sounding like the music of today. One thing is for sure though – Ison is full of surprises.

website: http://www.non-net.com

15.05.2013  (CE)